Catechetical Session 2020

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What is Catechism?

"Do not repay evil with evil or insults, but in the contrary, bless for to this you were called that you may obtain blessings"-1Peter 3:9

We are called to this work of giving blessings in exchange for evil and insults. As we give blessings for insults and evil we will obtain or inherit blessing for ourselves.

The Holy Trinity

In the Nicen Creed we identify the Holy Spirit as "Lord the giver of life" in the GOspel of Kohn the Holy spirit is called the "Paracletehe who is called to help" it is our advocate, helper, councellor, he is a life that supports, strengthens and guides, precisely because it bring us in intimacy with Jesus. (Luke12:49) pepentance and conversion two different manifestations of the same liberating verifying and transforming life-in-th continous who proceeds from the love of the father and Son. The Holy spirit is not created like we are the only begotten divine son "proceeds" John Paul II Triune God is a gift, an exchange of mutual love between the devine pearson.

The difference between the Devine Son and the Holy spirit proceeds as BREATH of love while the son to image of the father speak of the Holy spirit as the third person of the blessed triity, one is being with the father and the son.

Father God as a Father the head.

Jesus the Son, the Savior the gift from God.

The Holy Spirit is agif from Jesus the guid the empowerment, (in the book of Acts)

The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

In the Gospel Jesus called men and women to follow him, to be his disciples and to share hhis life and missio. He identified them with himself: "Hewho hears you, hears me. He who reject you, rejects me" (Luke 10:16) This holds true wiht even the least of hes bretheren: "Iassure you, wahteve you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me" (Mt:25:40). Jesus spoke of an intimate communion with his followers:"Live on in me, as i do in you.. I am the vine, you are the branches"(Jn 15:4-5)He even provided the means of such communion:"The man who feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood, remains in me and I in him" (Jn6:56)

"By communication his spirit to his brothers and sisters, called together from al peoples, Christ made them mystically into his own body" Thus the Church is not just like a body but IS the Body of Christ, really made one in him, in his "mystical" Body. "Mystical" does not mean "unreal" but rather a reality not limited to sensible appearances. Therefore it is a accessible to faith alone becasue it belongs to the mystery of God's plan hidden for endless ages but revealed in the Gospel

The the physical body if the historical Jesus assumed at the Incarnation(Jn 1:14) or

his Eucharistic body making sacramentally present to us the person of the risen christ in his saving sacrifice; or

his his mystical body the Church, the faithful united to Christ as their head and united and verified by his Spirit.

The filipino Value of close family unity and ties should help Catholic Filipinos to appreciate the Church as the Body of Christ. "Body of Christ" actually stresses first, the living Unity of all the faithful among themselves through their union with Christ. Second under Christ the Head, the organic relationship between the members throgugh the grace and charisms of the Spirit. Third, the Church as Spouse of Christ (Eph 5:27,29)

For more Biblical information please see (Cathechism for Filipino Catholic)



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    Catechisim 2020

    The Heavens and the earth will pass away but my words will not" "No one knows what will happen" -Mark 13:31-