Key Features

A lot of things to learn and a lot of fun, I guess that is the best feature I can share in taking this subject there is a lot of fun and adventure especally when you explore the software that are free download.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

What is ICT?

The very first day I entered my Information Communication Technology class, I was excited because I know that I will learn something new and can do something new in my computer, but when I met my Professor I was shock and frightened maybe because he was so strict and had a lot of questions to ask or shall I say follow up questions, as soon as I went home, I called my parents and told them how strict my professor was, I had a thought of dropping the subject, but my parents even my sister encouraged me to talk to my professor on Facebook Messenger, Thankfully I did, because I learn something from him, and everything went well, as days past by I realize that I had a misinterpretation about my Professor, Okay my professors name is MR. JOHN RUERO nice name huh?

Here is the fun part, because I love doing things in advance I learn a lot from him, I tell you this teacher is a very appreciative, happy, very approachable teacher, a teacher with a big heart, you might think he is strict yes, you can say that, but I tell you when you attend his class, I promise you will learn from him, One thing I remember when he told me “That’s great to hear! I hope the knowledge and lessons learnt will be applied to your school and theirs too” he will even say” thank you” and encourage you when you need it. I always send a message or ask questions and he always answer every message, “minsan nga nakikipag kuwentuhan pa ako” that’s my Professor.

Before I don’t understand Programmers, computer technician why? That every time I talk to them in tagalog “lagi silang wala sa sarili” but now I do understand them a lot, well maybe because I already have a website to maintain, and I tell you my professor in ICT Sir. Ruero, he gave me that confidence that I can make it beautiful and I can do it as long as I know how to EXPLORE my computer, Next is because of ICT subject I experience a lot of things like errors in my computer using this LAMS software, but in the end it was successful one thing, one word that Sir Ruero always tells me EXPLORE. I don’t know his reaction about this paper of mine, but I tell you there are only few teachers of mine whom I can say that I enjoyed their subject, and I can honestly say that I super enjoyed ICT subject in fact I love it, My classmates even encourage me to take some unit in IT, well, let me think about that first. I can be good using some software, but I cannot promise that I can be good in Programming or even in web designing. But like what Sir Ruero will tell me EXPLORE then you Learn something. He was right, that’s how I appreciate my teacher, I hope and I pray that he can read this note of mine or shall I say a comment, reaction, but the teacher who is very strict is a teacher is funny and very appreciative, kind and showing compassion, and with that, the teacher I met on the first day who is strict and love to ask question, in the end he was not just a teacher he was my FAMILY.

And that is my ICT Prof. MR. JOHN PETER RUERO, a teacher not only by mind but by heart. Information Communication Technology making a better way to enhance learning experience.

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