Reflection 1

“Teachers are confronted by limitation to the integration and use of technology in teaching teachers lack experience with the integration of technology into teaching”

When we say limitation these are the hindrances that may cause why teachers cannot integrate educational technology in teaching, the factors that may affect teaching is lack of resources, lack of funds, and insufficient access to technology and internet. An example of this is if you will go a rural area like in Tinabang a boundary of Magalang, students and teachers in public school do not have access in technology like computer and television, due to lack of funds, in this case teachers do not have enough experience in teaching educational technology to students because of lack of resources. Most of the teachers and students in the rural area have a real doubt of what the computer and the internet can do, so, they come with little or no experience. Because of this misinformation students and parents are uncomfortable using computer and internet, and if students and parents even teachers feel uncomfortable with technology there is no way for them to explore technology or to use computers for some purposes. It really saddens me because students who are coming from rural areas are handicapped because of lack of experience. In Conclusion, teachers cannot integrate educational technology due to lack of experience in dealing with technology, because of lack of resources and insufficient access to technology.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.” -Eleanor Roosevelt-

Reflection 2

"Equitable learning does not simply transfer through disruptive innovation that uses technology. We need to engage in the difficult work of understanding and addressing relationships of power, authority and knowledge in the classroom."

If we are going to define equitable learning this only mean as giving to our students what they need. A teacher needs to listen to his/her students and respect, this is a mutual between teacher and student, in this case we can form a very productive classroom, as teacher we engage our students in learning.

To cite and example is in our class in ICT our professor is giving us all the resources and share to us his knowledge, explain to us all the things we need to learn. But, learning is a two way process, I can still recall in our second meeting he even told us that we are not the only one who is learning from him, but he is also learning from us. From our sharing, from our thoughts, with that I can truly say that we as student learns to respect him as our professor, and our professor learns to respect our opinion as students. In every task we have I can say that as a student I was engage and I learned from him.

In three meetings I attended ICT class, I observe how productive I am in our activity and discussion, because my professor did not focus only in the use of technology, but he also gave an importance in working with harmony, respect, and loyalty, not only inside the classroom but also in using technology, when he taught me how to use the software.

I can truly say that our professor is not only a teacher by mind, but a teacher who touch the heart of every student, because as a student I was inspired and I learn a lot from him.

Reflection 3

The striking thing about this article is the three domains of educational technology, Technology as a tutor, technology as a teaching tool and technology as a learning tool. We can see in this article the promise of educational technology, in this statement the promise is for transformation and enhancement in learning. I guess the very point of this article is showing us how it is important to integrate technology in our teaching profession, for us to engage our students in learning.


Let me cite an example, even though I am not in the teaching profession right now, an example of this is in our ICT class, through the use of technology it is made easy for us student in M.A.ELLT to collaborate to each other, our professor uses Facebook (social networking site) for him to share his knowledge and resources even his instruction for our assignments, for us to learn our lessons in Information Communication Technology or ICT. He made me realize how important peer learning, in fact I can even ask my professor through Facebook Messenger about the lesson, my professor thought me a lot, not only inside the classroom but through the use of technology especially Facebook. Now a days students can enjoy resources on line and can collaborate with their friends, they can even do peer tutoring.

This is Maricar Dizon saying the most important thing is we learn to explore and to expand our horizon, it is in our hands and it is our choice how to use Technology in helping our student to learn their lessons, remember we must share compassion simply a love in action. Information Communication Technology making a better way to transform and enhance learning experiences.